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Prague cultural events

Prague is known as a cultural city which offers daily diverse cultural events. Among them: classical music concerts (incredible concert halls at Rudolfinum , municipal houses, churches, synagogues and historical venues across Czech Republic), opera, jazz concerts, musicals, ballet, dance, classical theater, modern theater, experimental theater including works from the famous black theater. fFurthermore, in the monthly program you will find excellent classical music festivals like Prague Spring International Festival, Jazz Festival, International Autumn Prague Festival, and others. We offer free service of the best cultural events in Prague including reservations to the desired event for our clients. We recommend to reserve three weeks in advance during the high season.

Black Theater

It is said that when visiting Prague it is essential to visit the amazing and famous Black theater. The Black theater developed during the epoc of communism the Czechs didn't have the right to express their opinions and ideas freely. The protest of artists was what created a new dramatic form in which fantasy defeated reality: the Black theater was born. A completely dark stage (resembling that of the atmosphere created during the totalitarian regim) where a silent spectacle is performed (symbolizing the lack of freedom of speech and yet at the same time defying censorship) which combines light and shadow trickery, ilumations via projections, dance and music. The result is an unforgetable spectacle and an authentic manifistation of Czech culture.

we recommend one of the most distinguished theaters: ta fantastika on karlova street.

Jazz in Prague

The phenomenon was born during the communistic epoc when it was prohibited to listen to northamerican music. "Every Czech is a musician" is a popular saying which confirms the fact that Czechs started forming various swing and jazz main stream bands which in its epoc it was very popular and have always been in amongst those in the list of best musicians in the world. Currently in Prague's jazz club scene you will be able to hear modern, main stream and latin jazz. The best is to be lucky and have a chance to catch a concert of Yvonne Sancez or Robert Balzar trio which on top of being very popular artists also have spanish lyrics in their repertoire.

Jazz clubs in Prague:

u stare paní
jazz dock